The Kindergarten Classroom

Our Programs

At Mel-O-Dee, the Kindergarten year is the time when many of the previous lessons given to children come together, to become an enduring part of their young minds. Adhering to the Montessori requirement of mixed-age classrooms, our Kindergarteners share their classroom with 3-5 year olds during the morning work session, while performing age appropriate activities. During the afternoon work session which begins at 11:00 am, the Kindergarteners have their classrooms to themselves, allowing for more individualized and focused work. Our Kindergarteners are provided with one-on-one learning opportunities in the subject areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Literacy, Math, Geography, Science, the Arts, and Social/Cultural awareness. Upon completion of our 3 year Montessori program, our children are equipped with a strong all-rounded foundation, and past experience has proven that they out-perform their peers at the elementary school of their choice.

Our Montessori Kindergarten teachers act as guides for the students, facilitating their learning in the classroom. They are highly aware of each child's developmental levels and ensure that each child is afforded individualized attention and a customized learning plan.

The Kindergarten curriculum at Mel-O-Dee is carefully structured according to the Kindergarten Common Core Standards, and is integrated to demonstrate the connections between the different areas of a Montessori classroom.

Areas of Focus

A full range of Montessori materials are provided in the following areas: