Parent Testimonials

"Ever since she graduated, my daughter Zoe has been missing her Melodee teachers and friends! She asked me to drive her to Melodee on a weekend one time. We went and parked on the roundabout. She stood there, looking at the play yard, and didn't want to leave. Melodee left so many beautiful memories to us. Melodee's Kinder prep is no joke! Zoe is doing great in Kinder. She got an award in reading and is very advanced in Math. We can't appreciate Melodee more! We can't wait to get our son to start in Melodee next year. I referred my friend, and he will send his daughter to Melodee too. Please send our best wishes to all the teachers!"


"Our son has been at Mel-O-Dee for the past two years and we have no doubt that Mel-O-Dee has provided more than the perfect start for Mohit. We are very pleased with the quality of education and the school's diversity. The teachers are dedicated and fun to be around. They make learning fun and interesting, and really care about the students. We would recommend the school to anyone who wants THE BEST for their children."

Sanjay and Meha S.

"We have been at Mel-O-Dee Montessori for the past few years while my elder daughter was enrolled in preschool and kindergarten. Through the Montessori system she has been able to learn at her own pace, making incredible progress in all subjects, especially reading. Mel-O-Dee allows a child to explore, find, and imagine new things and then present it in their own way, which helps foster creativity and leads a child to progress further than in a traditional academic environment. The director and teachers are caring, responsible, soft-spoken, respectful, and well-educated - all important factors in educating a child. Mel-O-Dee's safe, clean environment and its education system have satisfied me to the point that my younger daughter is now enrolled at Mel-O-Dee too. I would like to recommend parents choose Mel-O-Dee Montessori for the excellent education and safe environment it provides for their children."

Thomas B.

"We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful educational experience that our son, Matthew, realized in his first year of school. He enjoyed going to school every day, and was proud to count himself as one of your students. We appreciate the warm and loving environment that you provided him, as he was motivated to learn while he felt secure in your care. May you continue to serve as a beacon of light to other for many more years to come."

Nina and Rudy V.

"Thank you so much for the care that you provided for Charlie during the last few months. We appreciate the care and professionalism you all have shown. We also appreciate the respect and responsiveness to Charlie's needs as well as our own as parents."

Angie and Paul G.

"I have had a great experience at this school. Previously I had tried New World Montessori which was fine but perhaps a little to rigid with their rules. Preschool should be fun first and allow children to learn at their own pace. Mel-o-dee does that well. My son was not that into crafts and I felt that the school did not force him to make them. He had discipline issues and the teachers worked through them well. In addition, the staff and the new director are warm and full of energy. The field trips during the summer were awesome. A lovely find."

Brent C.

"The education is far superior to any other preschool I am aware of, and I know quite a few by now. Last year while applying to private elementary schools, Grace performed exceptionally well and was accepted at some of Los Angeles' most prestigious schools, including some schools for gifted students. She tested several grades higher in her math and reading, which is attributable to the advanced skills you've equipped her with here."

Laurice M.

"Our daughter was only 18 months old when she first started at Mel-O-Dee and we were worried about her speech. She talked, but we had a hard time understanding her and her vocabulary was very weak. We had been thinking about sending her to a speech therapist. In the past two years she has not only learnt to talk clearly and efficiently but, her mannerisms, communication skills and interaction with people have improved considerably. She gets along with her peers just fine. The curriculum Mel-O-Dee provides, which involves the basic skills like reading and writing, prepares a child for future grades."

Namita & Inder A.

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for the love and care you poured into Neyla. Thank you for making her first experience with school a perfect one. Thank you for creating a nurturing environment where kids thrive and want to hurry back to the next day. Mel-O-Dee has become her anchor, where her individuality is admired and respected. Mel-O-Dee has become a new world for her where she interacted with different kids and explored new and abstract things everyday. Her imagination has expanded vividly and she has became more aware and more disciplined (she actually cleans up after herself now! Thank you!) She has cultivated a stronger sense of self and as a result, her confidence has grown exponentially, both socially and at home."

Nada M.